Literally trikosis means bodily disorders, loss of the control of the body and face muscles, By "trikosis" effect, it is meant an irresistible inclination to dance, that is extremely contagious between musicians and audience. Trikosis is the name chosen by this international street gipsy klezmer anarko folk band created in a squatted farm in the South East of Holland, between heavy rain, 'klompjes'' (Dutch farmers wooden shoes),vegetables and chickens everywhere. Affected by "trikosis effect'' as soon as they arrived, these
"poor" guys had the strength to go on developing their own way of playing music together, with incomparable energy and weird original sounds on their accordion,guitar,violin,darbuka,trompet,big drum, clarinet,washboards and bassguitar. Watch, listen, enjoy their music but......don't forget to take precautions




violin, crappy voice and 

flamenco dance



clarinet, washboard and


- TEUN -


guitar, voice and

wah-wah effects

- Wortel -


darbuka, handdrum, poetry

and niks!

- randje -

 belly dance 

- EMMA -


diatonic accordion, trumpet, voice and




big drum, breadtoaster and zze helicopter

- JOEP -


electric funky bass, voice and

occasionally burb effects

- Annelies -


violin and opera voice

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